Night of 1000 Gowns

Last night I attended the Imperial Court of New York’s Night of 1000 Gowns.  (Above are photos of a gown I created for Solange Farewell especially for this event.  This gown features bleached peacock feathers and custom swarovski machine gun barrels inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.)  What an amazing organization and event!  First off, I have never seen so many Swarovski  crystals in one place ever.  (Really, I felt like I was encased in a drag-queen-created glitter palace of reflecting light!)  Second off, the whole event was sponsored by Absolute, so I felt like I was in the biggest RuPaul Drag Race’s Interior Illusions Lounge Ever!  This event, hosted in Time’s Square, was the perfect start to a night that ended with a Limelight themed Rubulad thrown in an abandoned church in Bushwick.

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