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Come See My Installation at Second Saturday in New Orleans!

I’m going to be showcasing the costumes from the procession I created this past spring to honor my friend Artem Voevodin. The opening is at St. Claude Mainstreet Labs (3700 St. Claude) from 6-10pm. Please come visit. The Facebook link is here

Resonance Opening


I’m in a group show/immersive art experience from April 17-May 3 in LIC at 26-15 Jackson Avenue. Go check it out! (Table cloth by Laura McMillian, table and benches by Jeff Stark, dinnerware by Sarah McMillan, chandelier by Ryan O’Conner, installation by Monica Canilao).

Mardi Gras Performance

20140508-190213.jpgThis year for Mardi Gras I mainly concentrated my efforts of creating a memorial performance for my friend Artem. I dressed 7 mutual friends as a traditional Mardi Gras bone crew and we marched his ghost from his death site along the Mississippi River to the Eris Parade. This was a silent sunrise procession featuring costumes and characters inspired by turn of the century Mardi Gras dress and themes. The photo above is of Queen Heidi.

New Orleans!

I’ll be in New Orleans over the next 6 months to reconnect with family and remember my southern roots. I’m really excited for this inspiring time and to see what creations come of it. Photo above of Shrimp Headdress by Laura McMillian.


I just wanted to share my costume for this year. I’m supposed to be a monster that’s in a painting a friend owns. Either way, this is one of my favorite masks of all time!

Ladies Represent!

I’m proud to announce that I’m part of Bust Magazine’s first art show ever, “Ladies Represent”. The exhibition is open August 13-18 at Superchief Gallery in the Lower East Side. I have a piece in the show and will be performing at the opening on the 16th. Video of the show with generous helpings of my performance here. (Photo above of original piece made of quilted fabrics, embroidery, and beading).

Wassaic Artist’s Residency


I’m halfway through a two month residency at the Wassaic Project. I’m having lots of fun experimenting with concepts and techniques. So far I’ve made a wig from hand-dyed peacock feathers and lace, hand painted with dyes, and made piles of small sculptural foilage. This weekend I had two rogue performances at the Wassaic Arts Festival as part of the “Clit Rodeo” exhibit. Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store!

Moving Image Art Fair

I’m pleased to announce that I will be featured in Postmaster Gallery’s Shortest Video Art Ever Sold at the Moving Image Art Fair from March 7-10 at 269 11th Street. (Screen shot of featured video above.)

Lost Pictures, Remembered Projects.

photo(21)photo(20)Just found these photos and thought I’d share.  The first is of the mini sewing studio I created on 24′ power cruiser boat that I gutted and rebuilt into a tiny floating bungalow in Far Rockaway, NY this past summer.  The other photo is of a hand-crocheted thunder cloud with confetti lightening bolt I made for an exquisite corpse art project that spanned a whole house in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  This project included local artists as well as participants from as far away as Berlin.  For opening night I performed as a skeleton with my friend Kristin as a Mayan pyramid re-inacting the end of the world to a Kanye West song blasting from one of our good friend Stephen Ma’s handmade boom boxes.  Here’s a video that was taken at the opening (and as you can see the fly girl, Kristin Reger, is wearing my onion onesie and my skeleton costume is featured heavily as well): 

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