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Lost Pictures, Remembered Projects.

photo(21)photo(20)Just found these photos and thought I’d share.  The first is of the mini sewing studio I created on 24′ power cruiser boat that I gutted and rebuilt into a tiny floating bungalow in Far Rockaway, NY this past summer.  The other photo is of a hand-crocheted thunder cloud with confetti lightening bolt I made for an exquisite corpse art project that spanned a whole house in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  This project included local artists as well as participants from as far away as Berlin.  For opening night I performed as a skeleton with my friend Kristin as a Mayan pyramid re-inacting the end of the world to a Kanye West song blasting from one of our good friend Stephen Ma’s handmade boom boxes.  Here’s a video that was taken at the opening (and as you can see the fly girl, Kristin Reger, is wearing my onion onesie and my skeleton costume is featured heavily as well): 

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UPSKIRTUPSKIRT2This Friday (November 30th) my collaborative installation with Kristin Reger, Upskirt, will open at the Textile Arts Center at 505 Carrol Street in Brooklyn.  This installation features 5 enterable dresses that appear the same on the outside, yet are all different environmental installations on the inside.  Please check out the installation previews below.


Animal NY:

Brooklyn Daily:

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Ghost Army in the Fashion District

Today I took part in the Fashion District Art Fair.  In 2 hours I collaborated with 20 different strangers creating a ghost army–symbolizing the loss and devaluation of blue-collar workers in what was once known as New York City’s “Garment District”.

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Preview Photos of Crumb at Marina 59

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Last night I had a piece in Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art for their “Experiment America” show.  My piece was part of a performance/ temporary installation curated by Jeff Stark in which artists created small artworks within luggage that could be experienced by the viewer in a intimate way.  Upon entering the museum attendees were greeted by a bellhop who handed them a randomly selected piece of luggage and were instructed to view their suitcase in a private viewing area.   My dark teal and weathered vintage suitcase featured a hand-embroidered luggage tag with the instructions “Open Fast”–inside contained a crocheted silk and kanekelon fiber net that dispersed glitter on the openee.

link to the museum website page for this event:

link to the Boston Globe’s review of this event:


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Duke Riley’s The Rematch

A few of my favorite puppets, as well as custom-made cigarette girl dresses will be featured at the Brooklyn broadcast of Duke Riley’s The Rematch.  This event features a live-feed from China of Duke’s re-creation of the aquatic race between animals to determine their place in the Chinese Zodiac.  Please read all about it on Duke’s website.

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Easter in New Orleans

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I just got to New Orleans to refresh and make amazing needle craft surprises for my Marina 59 honeymoon suite.  To celebrate the myriad of happenings this Easter in New Orleans I made this grocery bag and cardboard bonnet which my friend Courtney Webster so graciously photographed before a rogue performance of Oscar Wilde’s Salome in City Park.

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Boatel at Marina 59!!!

I’m pleased to announce I have been awarded a residency at Marina 59′s Boatel.  For the next month-and-a-half I and a team of my favorite artists will be transforming a 28′ cabin cruiser from the 70′s named Crumb into a luxurious Southern-thrift-store-inspired honeymoon suite of sleaze.  I’ll be residing in New Orleans for a portion of the residency for inspiration and immaculate junk collection.  I’m really excited about this project which is bringing artists from all over North America to transform forgotten and unloved vessels into their dream boat of choice.  Please join me for the opening on May 16!

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Night of 1000 Gowns

Last night I attended the Imperial Court of New York’s Night of 1000 Gowns.  (Above are photos of a gown I created for Solange Farewell especially for this event.  This gown features bleached peacock feathers and custom swarovski machine gun barrels inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.)  What an amazing organization and event!  First off, I have never seen so many Swarovski  crystals in one place ever.  (Really, I felt like I was encased in a drag-queen-created glitter palace of reflecting light!)  Second off, the whole event was sponsored by Absolute, so I felt like I was in the biggest RuPaul Drag Race’s Interior Illusions Lounge Ever!  This event, hosted in Time’s Square, was the perfect start to a night that ended with a Limelight themed Rubulad thrown in an abandoned church in Bushwick.

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Dress Up, Get Down

Last night I performed for Lowbrow Society for the Art’s Dress Up Get Down at Drom in the East Village. What a great group of folks to do an event with!  There was poetry, burlesque, a photo booth, drag, fashion shows (including a really amazing retro performance by Third Earth Designs!), a clothing market and a dance party.

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